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Live Long and Strong!


Do you ever feel like your body is working against you? That constant ache lingers, your muscles feel tight as a drum, a pelvic floor that has a mind of its own, and finding balance seems like a distant memory? If so, you're not alone. Millions of people around the world grapple with the daily challenges of chronic pain, tightness, and imbalance.

These struggles can impact every aspect of life, from the simplest tasks like getting out of bed to pursuing your passions with joy. It can leave you feeling frustrated, isolated, and discouraged.

At Posture Power Wellness, we understand the unique challenges you face. 


We bring a fresh approach to functional movement through physiotherapy, corrective exercise, personal training, Yoga, and Pilates to help you live long and strong!

We believe that everyone deserves to move freely, feel strong, and live life to the fullest.


About our Owner

Shari Barta MS, OTR/L, CPT, NCPT

Hello!  I am an Integrated Health Specialist fusing two decades of Occupational Therapy, pelvic floor therapy, personal training, and Pilates to help people overcome new and chronic physical conditions. I hold advanced degrees and certifications in Occupational Therapy, Ergonomics, Personal Training, Pilates, and Postpartum Corrective Exercise.  

My passion for healing has driven me to open Posture Power Wellness where people can continue to overcome chronic conditions, chronic pain, and strengthen their bodies to live long and strong.  

I am passionate about helping people live their best lives and never accept the status quo.  This passion has driven me to create CoreRehab, a women’s health program designed to help women restore their bodies following pelvic floor dysfunction.  My mission is to erase the stigma surrounding pelvic floor conditions and allow women to rehabilitate with dignity. 


Our Services

We believe in meeting everyone where they are at so we offer many options in both Pilates and Yoga:

Small Group Classes

Private Classes




Our classes are for:

Postpartum Bodies: 6 weeks to 60 years old

Athletes of all Ages: 9 and up are welcome 

Corrective Exercise


Bodies of all ages and abilities

Drop us a line and let us know how you want to start your fitness journey.  


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