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Core Rehab classes:

  • Focus on postural symmetry

  • Balance core strength to increase core and back stability

  • Remediate pelvic floor weakness

  • Improve range of motion and strengthens through full functional range of joints

What is
Core Rehab?

Core Rehab is a therapy-based, structured program designed to help mom’s re-find their core stability and strength. By combining pelvic floor therapy, postpartum corrective exercise, Pilates principles, and 20 years experience in healthcare, Core Rehab restores (instead of hiding) functional body mechanics post-pregnancy. With a focus on finding and maintaining neutral core alignment, we work to strengthen the body as a whole.

Classes last 55-minutes and limited to 5 participants to ensure everyone receives the feedback and corrections necessary to improve mobility, stability, build strength, and reconnect with their bodies.

Who needs
Core Rehab?

Many people experience core weakness, diastasis rectis, pelvic floor issues, incontinence, and altered sense of what their bodies can do after giving birth. Popular culture may "celebrate motherhood" - but they don't prepare you for this stuff! Core Rehab is also great for anyone new to Pilates, experiencing the repercussions of having a weak core, or rehabbing after a back or abdominal surgery. 

Just the facts...

  • Over 25 million Americans are incontinent

  • 80%, or 20 million, of them are women

  • Women wait an average of 10 years before getting medical help

  • Incontinence is a multi-Billion dollar industry built on "managing" these issues instead of correcting them (Over $4B in 2022!)


The Inspiration

After two pregnancies and her own experience with the resulting core weakness, Shari's body felt broken. As a therapist with a background in healthcare, she wanted to be able to "fix" herself.


Five years after becoming a mom, Shari had surgery to repair her Diastasis Recti. She hoped the recommended procedure—an abdominoplasty, or "tummy tuck"—would be the turn for the better. Unfortunately, it was not that simple. Read More >

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