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What is Joe's Gym?

Joe's Gym allows participants to follow a personalized routine on Pilates equipment for the same cost as attending a class. Each session runs 55-minutes with a comprehensively certified Pilates teacher present to provide corrections, modifications, and assistance as needed. Joe's Gym sessions are limited to 6 clients.

Participants must have at least 1 private lesson with one of our teachers before attending Joe's Gym.

Joe's Gym $200

Introductory Package

2 private lessons (required to start)

& 3 Joe's Gym sessions

* Expires 60 days after purchase.


Joe's Gym Schedule

These classes can be booked once you have approval,

but will appear "Disabled" if you aren't logged in.

The Back Story

Joseph Pilates, creator of the Pilates method, had no classes in his original New York studio. Instead, each client was taught the series of exercises best suited to their needs and goals. Clients were able to come and go throughout the open hours at Mr. Pilates' "gymnasium."


This session is mean to pay tribute to the past, while moving into the future.

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