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All services at Posture Power Wellness have a 12-hour cancellation policy.


Yoga is a low-impact exercise that aims to still the mind and strengthen the body. Both scientific and anecdotal data finds yoga to decrease stress, improve strength, improve balance, and improve flexibility. There are many forms of yoga, including ones with focus on spiritual, meditative, restorative, and/or athletic benefits.

Yoga classes are limited to 8 clients, allowing instructors to help participants focus on proper body mechanics. The studio also offers privates and duets for a more personalized experience. 

Core Rehab

Our signature women's health class is designed to help moms rehabilitate their bodies in dignity. We focus on finding neutral alignment, learn how to move within neutral, and strengthening the body as a whole. You will leave class feeling more centered, aligned, and balanced.
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Joe's Gym

We're taking it back to Joe's original approach in his New York City studio. Use this hour to follow a personalized Pilates routine under supervision and with correction from one of our comprehensively qualified Pilates teachers.

**Requires prior approval.

Mixed Equipment 1, 2, 3

Using varying pieces of pilates equipment, we keep each session fresh and ever-changing. Classes can utilize reformers, tower, chairs, suspension trainers, and/or small props.

Offered in Levels 1-3, in increasing difficulty.


Jumpboard classes are a full body strengthening and cardio workout in one! Workouts are done using the reformers with a padded jumping surface, allowing for even more plyometric and aerobic exercises.

Pilates Mat & Props

With emphasis on spinal alignment, mat classes add a layer of awareness of breathing patterns while engaging the deep muscles of the core. A variety of small props can be incorporated to enhance form and intensify the workout. While modeled after Joseph Pilates' original mat repertoire, teachers modify for all ability levels.

Yoga Classes

Morning Vinyasa Flow

Start your morning with a gente to moderate Vinyasa flow that will move with the breath. We'll focus on moving intentionally, building strength and flexibility. Modifications will be offered for all levels.


Class will start with longer supported holds, pranayama and time to check in with your body. As we progress, we will transition into gentle movement that will awaken body and mind to prepare you for the day ahead. 

Yin Yoga

Yin is a more reflective counterpart to Vinyasa's yang. In these classes, we'll hold poses for several minutes, allowing the body's connective tissue/fascia to release, expand our flexibility, and mindfulness.

Gentle Flow

This vinyasa style class will link breath to movement to strengthen the mind/body connection. Expect a slower pace and softer sequencing with some moderately challenging postures. 

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